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Swamp Dragon

5 Ounce Swamp Dragon Piña Colada Hot Sauce

5 Ounce Swamp Dragon Piña Colada Hot Sauce

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This is a pre-release. The sauce is ready for prime time, but the packaging final retail specifications are a work in progress. The label design is a rough incomplete version, so this limited pre-release may even be a great collector's item. We know we probably should wait till everything is 100%, but what the heck? 'Tis the season, and we thought this might be really fun for a bunch of reasons.

Ever wanted to mix vinegar and piña colada? 🤮 Didn't think so. But Swamp Dragon hot sauces don't have any vinegar to fight your food and beverage flavors.

We added natural flavors of pineapple and coconut to our Dark Rum Hot Sauce, and the first of our Black Label lineup was born! This stuff is absolutely delicious, and oddly versatile, which we didn't exactly expect. Hard to believe, but Swamp Dragon Piña Colada Hot Sauce is great on scrambled eggs. It's weird, but it works!

Grilled chicken, tacos, upside down pineapple cake, pork chops... It's crazy, but everything is delicious with this stuff.

Clean label! The first ingredient is rum. Then it's our signature blend of aged peppers, natural flavor extracts of coconut and pineapple. There's no added sugar, so this sauce is great for health conscious dieters who need more flavor and fun on their disciplined plates.

Gluten Free

Allergen Free


All Natural

GMO Free (Not certified, but we promise)

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