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Swamp Dragon Hot Sauce

Gallon Bourbon Hot Sauce - Swamp Dragon

Gallon Bourbon Hot Sauce - Swamp Dragon

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Our Bourbon Hot Sauce by the gallon! Only Swamp Dragon makes true liquor hot sauce, and now our most popular blend, bourbon, is available by the gallon for when a 5oz bottle just won't cut it. Mix into ground beef for the most remarkable burger you'll ever taste, or use it straight up as a wing sauce for a completely unique, smoky, spicy flavor that is otherwise unattainable!


A touch of smoke and oak barrels give The Bourbon Dragon hot sauce a character unknown to hot sauce before. It adds not just a smooth rewarding heat, but complexity to flavors and aromas when added to food.

Ingredients: Aged peppers, Bourbon, Salt, Xanthan Gum (0.1%)

Contains alcohol. Not a beverage.

An American Company; Allergen Free; Gluten Free; Vegan; All Natural

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