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Celebrate the spirit of decadence and exclusivity with the world's most rare and expensive hot sauce, and give the most unique gift for the foodie who has it all!

Note from Matt: Only 6 of the 9 bottles produced are released for sale to the public. One of the 9 is allocated to my mother, and two shall be used for a surprise to be told at a later date.

This limited and rarest batch of Swamp Dragon was made from a single bottle of Paul Beau Grand Champagne cognac and Swamp Dragon's secret proprietary blend of aged peppers. The cognac is aged for over 50 years, and only 20 bottles were imported to the United States.

The cognac has a flavor that is paradoxically bold and delicate with intense notes of leather, mahogany, and a nutty sweetness. Hand-crafted into the finest Swamp Dragon (indeed, the finest hot sauce) ever produced, our distinctive pepper blend lends its signature taste, and the rare cognac elevates the sauce to a hedonistic epicurean delight.

Each of the 6 bottles is numbered on custom labels that feature Marvin's wings hand-leafed by Matt with 23 karat gold.

Swamp Dragon Hot Sauce