Swamp Dragon Progressing Quietly, a note from Matt

June 21 2024 – Matt Beeson

Swamp Dragon Progressing Quietly, a note from Matt
Swamp Dragon Progressing Quietly, a note from Matt

Hi Everyone!

First, I appreciate you all so very much. If you are here at all, surely you were a customer or are a friend or are curious and I appreciate all of those. Shutting down my production facility was one of the most emotionally difficult things I ever did. Through the process, friends and fans reached out, and as a result, I am now in active talks with no less than 4 entities, all of which bear very real promise.

Shutting down my beloved little Lair frees me up to have these critical conversations. Using what little time I have to retool and relaunch will fix a problem that otherwise had no chance of being fixed. The conversations are all going better than I could expect, and all parties seem genuinely excited.

While the pandemic took away my people and thus my capacity, it forces me to examine options that were not in the original plan, options like private labeling. This conversation is happening with multiple entities already.

If Swamp Dragon can't be the brand that brings liquor hot sauce to market, then so be it. Someone somewhere wants to be the "first" to market with liquor hot sauce. Let the race begin!

- Matt


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