Which would you prefer: a glass of bourbon or a glass of vinegar? Swamp Dragon revolutionized hot sauce by leaving the vinegar in the pantry where it belongs and using spirits such as rum, bourbon, vodka, and tequila for flavor and freshness. You'll find yourself choosing favorites and passionately and gleefully arguing with great friends over which Swamp Dragon sauce goes best with what. It makes eating fun!


Some things are just plain classic. You will want more Swamp Dragon on your po-boys than you would use of some other hot sauce. The reason is simple. Flavor. Vinegar is very pungent, and if you use too much, the aroma and taste of your food will suffer. But the Vodka Dragon on your half-and-half shrimp/oyster po-boy lets that fresh fried seafood and soft aromatic French bread shine while getting a bath in a flavorful heat that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.
The Rum Dragon on ginger snap cookies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Trust us. Heck, put it on the ice cream too. You won't believe your tastebuds!
Everyone has their favorite way to do chicken wings. We like The Tequila Dragon, and we like to grill'em instead of frying. But hey! Do what you feel! Stretch your Swamp Dragon by grilling first, then tossing the wings in the sauce, then back on the grill just for a few seconds to get the natural sugars in the peppers to caramelize a bit. So good!!!
For the most amazing taco you'll ever taste, spice some pulled pork with a bit of barbeque sauce and The Tequila Dragon. Put that awesomeness on a soft corn taco shell, then garnish with fresh chopped mango and avocado, and finish with cilantro. The sweet mango and the spiced pork dance together on your taste buds while the avocado enhances the mouth feel! Add more Tequila Dragon if you really like it hot!
Put some Tequila Dragon (to taste) in your favorite margarita for a full-blown fiesta!
We love to do in-store demos and farmer's markets. These things start early in the morning, and when folks are walking by we ask: "Hey! Do you like spicy food?" We get this answer alot - "Oh, well, yes, but not this early in the morning." Pish! I say! Early morning is the perfect time to have your tastebuds give you an extra kick out of bed! Lots of people put hot sauce on their eggs, so I'm not sure where that answer comes from in the first place, but know that The Vodka Dragon does it better than any other hot sauce out there. Ok, fine. Eggs is easy enough. But for yet another completely unexpected, new, and thoroughly satisfying spicy morning, add some Swamp Dragon to bagels and cream cheese! Sounds, freaky, we know. But never forget, rum doesn't taste like vinegar! Try it!


Pecan pie is just too rich. Some folks love it just the way it is, and we understand. But Swamp Dragon represents a strange and delightful alchemy with rich sweet foods. Add just a touch to your pecan pie to balance the dish, and you'll be amazed at how the flavor explodes in a whole new way. Add more Swamp Dragon to really get a yin and yang, a spicy sweet combination impossible with other hot sauces! Don't forget the ice cream! 

The herbaceous, slightly smoky, slightly salty flavor of tequila graces The Tequila Dragon, and enhances key lime pie in a way that will make your mouth dance! Give it a try!


1 part rum 

1 part cranberry/orange juice combo 

2 parts pineapple juice

1 5-oz bottle of Rum Swamp Dragon 

Simple Syrup to taste 

Combine all ingredients, and enjoy!


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