Frequently Asked Questions

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The perfect amount! We subjectively designed Swamp Dragon to be a bit spicier than the major leading brand. Objective laboratory pungency tests show Swamp Dragon is a little less spicy than that brand, but we’re not so sure. Maybe we’re science deniers. We’ll say one thing for sure though. If you want it hotter, use more. If you use too much vinegar hot sauce, the vinegar will definitely overwhelm your food. That’s not the case with Swamp Dragon. More sauce will deliver more heat, but it will also bring more of the liquor overtones to your cuisine as well, and that can be truly wonderful!

Yes it does, and it says so right on the bottle. Everyone else uses vinegar because vinegar (acetic acid) is a powerful acid that kills mold and bacteria. That’s why you don’t have to refrigerate your regular hot sauce. If you get rid of the vinegar, you get rid of the preservative and potentially introduce a food safety issue. Swamp Dragon solves this problem by leveraging the preservative quality in the naturally occurring alcohol found in liquor. That alcohol kills any mold and bacteria just as vinegar would, and it just tastes so much better!

I know, right?!?! LOL! We’re happy to be the first and only liquor hot sauce in the world!

No you do not! The alcohol in Swamp Dragon does not a beverage make. One taste, and you’ll agree it’s no beverage. The United States federal government agrees as well, and approved Swamp Dragon as a non-beverage product. It’s perfectly OK for kids and adults of all ages, as long as they can take the heat!

Every Swamp Dragon blend is a 50/50 mix of our secret proprietary blend of aged pepper puree and liquor. We don’t add capsaicin extract or anything like that. As the peppers and liquors are all matched in equal proportions, none is designed to be hotter than the others. We’re told by customers that they find this one or that one hotter than the rest, but there’s no clear winner on that front. You tell us which one is hottest! Keep an eye out for The Reaper Dragon; we’re working on it!

That is a closely guarded secret. We learned during the R&D process that alcohol really tamps the heat down. Mix a certain type of pepper mash or puree with vodka, and the heat dies completely. Turns out alcohol literally dissolves capsaicin molecules! Who knew? So we started playing with and mixing different peppers with different heat levels, and when we landed at the right heat level (again, just a bit hotter than the other guys), we accidentally discovered a flavor profile that has a very strong and complex personality. That flavor stands out in every blend, no matter what liquor it mixes with. We decided to keep that a bit of a mystery. Maybe we’ll reveal it someday! We’ll give you a clue. They are all imported, and all premium-type peppers.

When we say “everything” we mean it. One brand says “We put that $%it on everything!” Gauntlet thrown! Let’s throw down side by side with some chocolate cake. Good luck! 🤮 Without vinegar, this stuff works on everything. Examples are found all over our website, social media, anywhere we leave a footprint. Matt pairs his sauces the way a sommelier pairs wines and foods. Bourbon is a natural on BBQ, gumbo, and red beans and rice. Tequila simply must be on anything Latin, from fish tacos to strawberry margaritas. But it’s brilliant on pizza too. Vodka will wake you up the morning all over your eggs, and add a bit of passion to an Italian marinara. Rum can be an ingredient. Mix it 50/50 in ketchup for fried seafood or french fry dip. It smooths out rum punch that’s too sweet, and is freaky on that chocolate cake we mentioned. Why don’t you tell us how you use it? We’d love to hear about it!

Absolutely. If Shopify can ship there, then we can ship there!

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