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Hot Sauce Fundamentally Reimagined!

When you reach for hot sauce, do you want peppers, or do you want vinegar? Swamp Dragon's inventor, Matt Beeson wanted peppers for sure. Vinegar, he thought, is too strong, too pungent, and it drowns out pepper flavor and often clashes with foods and beverages.

Beeson guessed that every hot sauce contained vinegar to preserve the product. His guess was right. The use of vinegar (acetic acid) is really more about food safety than flavor. Mold and bacteria cannot survive an acid bath, so that's why those sauces don't spoil. Alcohol kills mold and bacteria too, and is naturally found in liquors like bourbon and tequila. As far as Beeson was concerned, liquor is better than vinegar, and so Swamp Dragon was born!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Tastes Great

This sauce is amazing! It's got plenty of spice as well as the smoky, earthy flavors of good tequila.


Hot Sauce Revolution!

Do you like heat? Like bourbon? Then you've found hot sauce perfection! The bourbon is outstanding with deep rich flavor only outdone by the amazing aroma. And then the heat kicks in and oh yes, does it kick. I'd say stronger than average supermarket commercial sauce, near the top of a restaurant selection. It's not for anyone who likes a dab of heat, this is a full face punch. What I don't like? I don't like that i didn't think of it first! This is my new fav. Won't ever go back to vinegar based sauces.

Amazon Customer


Very spicy but very good. Not like your typical franks more like tapito.


Very Good Hot Sauce

I've tried several of their liquor-based hot sauces, and been happy with them all. I haven't found the liquor flavor to be very strong in any of them, which I like about them, you aren't swapping the overwhelming vinegar flavor for another overwhelming flavor. It is there, just more subtle than the vinegar in most vinegar-based sauces. A great way to add heat with some subtle flavor underneath. I actually like vinegar hot sauces with some foods, but this really fits well with dishes where you want to add some heat without that strong vinegar flavor.

D. L. Levy