A mug of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles, and Swamp Dragon Dark Rum Hot Sauce. A bottle of Swamp Dragon Dark Rum Hot Sauce sits next to the mug, and the table is set with Fall decor.

Swamp Dragon Reinvents Hot Sauce!

Swamp Dragon makes the world's only Liquor Hot Sauce. That means instead of vinegar, Swamp Dragon makes hot sauce with bourbon, rum, vodka, or tequila. Only Swamp Dragon uses liquor as its base preservative. Our liquors are not used for flavoring; they ARE the flavors, because our sauces are 50/50 liquor and aged peppers. The alcohol present in the liquor assures product safety and freshness without all the pickle tasting acids typifying other sauces. Our secret artisan blend of peppers mixed with real bourbon delivers unmatched flavor and dramatically less acid. When The Tequila Dragon hits those hot fajitas, the aroma and flavor of a true tequila hot sauce will fill your senses with much more than just spice, and there won't be any sour bitter vinegar fighting your food.

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matt beeson holding a bottle of swamp dragon hot sauce

A Louisiana Entrepreneur Invented Hot Sauce. Another Louisiana Entreprenuer Reinvented It!

Matt Beeson invented Swamp Dragon hot sauce, having wondered why hot sauces all seem to have vinegar. Did the world intend to put vinegar on its food when it just wanted some spice and flavor?

Others might make "bourbon-infused" hot sauce, but Matt reimagined the role of liquor as a preservative, rather than a flavoring in a vinegar-based sauce. It worked! Swamp Dragon has superior shelf stability (over 4 years without refrigeration), as well as the obvious flavor and aroma advantages bourbon, vodka, tequila, and rum have over vinegar.

As a lover of spicy foods and adventurous eating experiences, Matt is not only Swamp Dragon's owner, he is an avid consumer!

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