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Swamp Dragon

5 oz Ouzo Hot Sauce (The Ouzo Dragon)

5 oz Ouzo Hot Sauce (The Ouzo Dragon)

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Who ever heard of an ouzo hot sauce before? Opa! Possibly the most unique hot sauce ever created, The Ouzo Dragon has intercontinental appeal. For those who don't know, Ouzo is a Greek liquor, manufactured, according to law, exclusively in Greece or Cypress. It is characterized by a strong anise or fennel flavor, much like black licorice. The Ouzo Dragon features the same all-natural clean label found in other Swamp Dragon hot sauces - aged peppers, Ouzo, and a wisp of gluten free xanthan gum - that's it. Mixed with Swamp Dragon's unique characteristic blend of peppers, ouzo lends a certain sweetness and exotic flavor that seeks out international cuisine.

Ouzo may think it's Greek, but it may be Asian in disguise! Your favorite Vietnamese soup, pho, is made from a broth that is seasoned with, among other things, star anise. The Ouzo Dragon and pho are a perfect marriage that will make you forget about the pepper sauce served at the restaurant. And for even more Asian magic, add it to your soy sauce when enjoying sushi. The layers of flavor and that perfect smooth heat are truly surprising, unique, and altogether delicious and satisfying.

India takes up some real estate on the Asian continent as well! Indian cuisine is famous for complex spice blends featuring cardamom, coriander, paprika, and others that blend perfectly with the anise notes in The Ouzo Dragon.

Add a few drops (or teaspoons) of Ouzo Dragon to ceviche to add some heat and flavor without throwing the acid balance completely off.

An American Company; Allergen Free; Gluten Free; Vegan; All Natural

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But of course, when enjoying Greek cuisine, consider some Ouzo Dragon. Spit roasted lamb, calamari, souvlaki all fly to new heights with Ouzo Dragon, but for something truly amazing, drizzle some over a baklava sundae! No joke!

You are going to love the culinary possibilities of this exotic hot sauce - The Ouzo Dragon, a limited release exclusive to Swamp Dragon!

Contains alcohol. Not a beverage

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