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The Dragon Clutch

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The Dragon Clutch includes 2 ounces each of The Bourbon Dragon, The Rum Dragon, The Vodka Dragon, and The Tequila Dragon! This cute little sampler won 1st Prize in gift pack division in the Scovie Awards, The World Hot Sauce Awards, and the Fiery Food Challenge all in the same year. We agree, it's adorable.

The Dragon Clutch is an absolutely perfect and unique gift for under $20.00, and gives your friends the opportunity to try the world's first real vodka hot sauce, rum hot sauce, tequila hot sauce, or bourbon hot sauce on all their favorite foods and drinks. They're going to love you for it!

Bring The Dragon Clutch to your next social event, and be the life of the party. This thing is a conversation starter, and you will love watching people pick and choose their favorites and start friendly competitions! Easily the most social product of the most social condiment ever conceived!

An American Company; Allergen Free; Gluten Free; Vegan; No Vinegar; All Natural  


Swamp Dragon Hot Sauce