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Swamp Dragon

2nd Edition PRIVATE RESERVE Rum Dragon!

2nd Edition PRIVATE RESERVE Rum Dragon!

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The most decadent, the most exclusive, indeed, the most expensive hot sauce ever created, Swamp Dragon's 2nd Edition Private Reserve is here. 8 bottles, each individually numbered, are available to the public. Only 9 were created.

2 Chainz featured Swamp Dragon's 1st Edition Private Reserve on his TV show, Most Expensivest, and in honor of the show's premiere on August 13, 2019, Matt Beeson of Swamp Dragon decided to test the limits even further, this time forging the world's only liquor-based hot sauce with some of the most exclusive rum in the world.

Priced at over $1,300.00 per bottle, Black Tot Rum mixes with Swamp Dragon's secret blend of premium peppers to create one of the most unique, and certainly one of the most satisfying and enigmatic flavor experiences ever conceived.

Characterized by dark cherries, plum, and deep scotch smokiness, this sauce might best be enjoyed on a dark chocolate souffle with side of vanilla bean ice cream and a special after dinner cordial for an unmatched culinary experience.

Check the videos below for full details on how this remarkable and singular hot sauce was imagined and then made.



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