Chef and Culinarian Makes Great Use of Swamp Dragon!

Chef and Culinarian Makes Great Use of Swamp Dragon!

I sent a few 2 ounce sample bottles of Swamp Dragon hot sauce to a chef and culinarian in Denver. She dove right in and used it in dishes for an event! I wish I could have been there. It looks amazing!

She made seared scallops served with fresh corn maque choux, the maque choux made with bacon, onion, green onion, red bell peppers, parsley, butter, and Swamp Dragon.


She also made fried oysters with spinach madeliane, featuring a hot pepper glaze made from Swamp Dragon, butter, garlic, honey, and bleu cheese. Are you kidding me? Outstanding!

Fried Oyster and Swamp Dragon Bleu Cheese Pepper Glaze with Spinach Madelaine

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My brother would enjoy this on Krispy Krynn treats!

Caramon Majere

Wow, that looks fantastic! Swamp Dragon sure can make food fun!


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