Liquor hot sauce? Try Swamp Dragon in Drinks!

April 26 2017 – Matt Beeson

Liquor hot sauce? Try Swamp Dragon in Drinks!
Liquor hot sauce? Try Swamp Dragon in Drinks!

I went straight to a Latin restaurant shortly after inventing the world's first truly liquor hot sauce. I've seen "liquor infused," or "liquor flavored" sauces, but the preservative is always acid (vinegar usually,) and the liquor seems to be an afterthought for marketing purposes.

But Swamp Dragon is different. It was styled after the major brands that use no more than 3 ingredients: vinegar, peppers, and salt, usually. In Swamp Dragon's case, it is, in order: aged peppers, liquor, and 0.1% xanthan gum (a natural gluten free stabilizer.) So Swamp Dragon offers a clean label, drastically reduced acidity, and enough alcohol in solution to prevent microbial activity, and thus is a very safe product.

So Swamp Dragon is a true alcohol hot sauce or liquor hot sauce, the first and only of its kind in the world. I would have produced the product for sale requiring I.D. if necessary, because I believe in it so much. But after much effort in compliance, the federal government (plus a couple of states) approved it as a food product. That is to say, it is not beer, wine, liquor, or a beverage of any kind, and thus may be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is patent pending.

Vodka hot sauce? Sure! What about bourbon hot sauce, or tequila hot sauce, or rum hot sauce? Swamp Dragon offers them all. And since Swamp Dragon is made with these beloved spirits, it seems natural to try it in drinks.

Rum punch a little too sweet? Add a dash of Rum Dragon to balance it out. Add a little more to get a fun zip! Want to spice up your bloody Mary without making it sour or increasing your heartburn chances? Add Vodka Dragon to taste. You get the point! What are your ideas?


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