Holiday Gift Guide: Swamp Dragon Makes Eating Fun!

November 16 2018 – Emily Connell

The Dragon Clutch Christmas Gift Idea
The Dragon Clutch Christmas Gift Idea

The holidays are around the corner. Have you bought your turkey yet? (Swamp Dragon is crazy good on turkey… but that’s a topic for another post.) 

Swamp Dragon with Christmas Dragon

We get lots of questions about where to start with Swamp Dragon, so to kick off the holiday sales season, here are our top tips for choosing the best gifts for everybody on your list! 

First off, who is Swamp Dragon for on your list??

  1. EVERYBODY. No, seriously. Swamp Dragon is for everybody! Foodies, kids, avid home cooks, the curious minds… anybody and everybody. 

Well, if your friend Bob thinks vinegar tastes better than bourbon… Maybe he gets a lump of coal. 

2. . Anybody with good taste buds. Foodies, chefs, home cooks who love to experiment, friends with adventurous taste. If they like yummy and delicious food, we would imagine they would love some Swamp Dragon. 

3. The person who has it all. Swamp Dragon is the world’s only liquor-based hot sauce, so for that friend or family member or coworker or acquaintance who’s got e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, this is the way to go. 

Which product should you buy??

Now, you’re probably wondering which Dragon product to get these folks. Here are our thoughts: 

The Dragon Clutch. This purchase is an excellent choice for anybody. It’s a gift under $20, and it has our four main blends: Bourbon, Tequila, Vodka, and Rum. They come in a cute little carrier which won 1st Prize in gift pack division in the Scovie Awards (2 straight years), The World Hot Sauce Awards, and the Fiery Food Challenge all in the same year!. Stocking stuffer? Host/hostess gift for those bazillion holiday parties? You got it. 
Dragon Clutch with 2oz

The Ouzo Dragon. Maybe you’ve got somebody extra adventurous on your list. If that’s the case (or you just plain love ouzo), go grab some of this. It’s amazing on Greek, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian, Korean, Chinese… pretty much any food you can think of. It is the single most unique hot sauce gift you can give. Ouzo Dragon

Dragon Dust. Made from the ashes of Dragon fire! It’s our blend of peppers for a perfectly spicy seasoning. Use like any kind of pepper—or replace your pepper entirely in any recipe. Got a friend who loves spice rubs? This is the gift for them. And it will be discontinued soon, so get it now! Dragon. Dust

If in doubt, grab a 5oz or two, or a few 2oz bottles (though don’t forget the Clutch above, which has 4 2oz bottles with Bourbon, Tequila, Vodka, and Rum). If you need a little extra for that stocking (replace those batteries and chapstick with some Dragon!), these are great choices. 

    Swamp Dragon with fall leaves

    TL;DR… you can’t go wrong. Grab some Swamp Dragon for everybody on your list, and enjoy the clean heat of delicious foodie fun!

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    Enjoy that turkey and stuffing, and we’ll see you on Black Friday. And we thank you with deepest gratitude for your support!

    Your friends at Swamp Dragon


    • Larry Koenig: June 20, 2019
      Author's avatar image

      Just after dawn this morning I was given a bottle of SD Tequila. And despite a knee-jerk “raw dog” slurp off my left palm (and a subsequent several such slurps) I haven’t yet even tasted it “properly”, i.e. with food. But I’m sold. I feel like I’ve licked the future and its name is Swamp Dragon. Time to fry an egg and find a fork.

    • John Hutcheson: March 04, 2019
      Author's avatar image

      I hate how most sauces are so much vinegar in flavor. Swamp dragon is by far my favorite hot sauce and I have over 50 of them sitting in my desk drawer. When I see swamp dragon pop up from when I lost it in my hot sauce drawer, I light up like a christmas tree. BEST HOT SAUCE EVER. I’d put it on my cereal if I ate cereal. Don’t you ever stop making this stuff. #1fan

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