Swamp Dragon will be on Most Expensivest!

June 19 2019 – Matt Beeson

Swamp Dragon will be on Most Expensivest!
Swamp Dragon will be on Most Expensivest!

Matt's cell phone rang at about 11 in the morning a few weeks after Swamp Dragon was featured at Thrillist.

An associate producer for "Most Expensivest," hosted by rap mogul 2 Chainz, was calling to offer Swamp Dragon an opportunity to be on the show, aired by Viceland. She discovered Swamp Dragon on Thrillist, and her team decided that it seemed like the coolest hot sauce ever made, so they wanted to put it on the show. Swamp Dragon, the world's only liquor-based hot sauce, certainly is a premium product (bourbon costs more than white vinegar, after all). But, with a retail price hovering around $6 for 5 ounces, Swamp Dragon is not the world's most expensive hot sauce.

Ok. It is the most expensive liquor-based hot sauce!

Knowing that 2 Chainz actively seeks ways for you to be able to "treat yourself" when traveling and sampling the finest and most expensive things he can, Matt decided to produce the world's most decadent, most extravagant, and indeed, most expensive hot sauce. 

And so was born, Swamp Dragon's 1st Edition Private Label (a very limited run at 9 total bottles) hot sauce.

The publicly released bottles sold out, and we now know that Swamp Dragon's feature on Most Expensivest will air on August 6th. 

In honor of that event, we will produce an extremely limited run of the world's most exclusive, most hedonistic hot sauce: Swamp Dragon 2nd Edition Private Label hot sauce.

See the video below for more information and tell us which you think we should use!


  • Katie B: June 21, 2019
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    You can’t do this to us!! How can we possibly choose?!? I’m torn between the tequila and the Black Tot. The Black Tot has such a bitchin’ story behind it, is expensive AF, and I’m going to assume is the most delicious rum ever. But you can never go wrong with a fine añejo tequila!!

  • Jeffrey J Hendricks: June 20, 2019
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    The tequila

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